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Charting Engines
CRChart is the ultimate charting library for Crystal Reports. Set chart properties at runtime, do great new charts like BoxPlot, Pareto, Waterfall and much much more! Over 150 features/functions/graphtypes for CR 8.5 or higher (including BOXI r2, CR2008 and the recently released Crystal Reports 2011 / Business Objects 4.0).
WebI:Chart brings the power and functionality of CRChart to WebIntelligence developers! Designed for BO 3.x enterprise customers, WebI:Chart puts over 150 powerful chart features at your fingertips. Quickly add new chart capabilities to your WebI 3.x Rich Client, InfoView and BO XI reporting server environment.
Three D Graphics proudly introduces iOS:Chart, the premier chart & graph library for iOS and Mac OS X. Harness the full power and functionality of the enterprise level PGSDK in your iPhone and iPad applications today.
Three D Graphics is proud to present XC:Waterfall, our latest XCelsius / Flex component. Leverage the full power of our WebI:Chart waterfall chart engine to your XCelsius dasboards.
Charts Unlimited for Cognos Series 7
Charts Unlimited adds significant new charting capabilites for Series 7 Impromptu designers and developers. This single-click electable replacement library includes over 100 macros that provide access to new Chart types (like Box Plots, Gauges and more), Bevels, Shadows & Other Special Effects, Solutions to Common Series 7 charting problems.

The Presentation Graphics Software Developer's Kit (PGSDK)
The Presentation Graphics SDK 3.0 is an upcoming update to our popular charting solution, targeted for C/C++ developers.

Perspective For Java
PFJ can be used either as a Java client, a Java application, a Java servlet for creating chart images directly on the server, or for any other Java progamming need where charts are required. PFJ is configured as a Java Bean.