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Timeline chart - is what I want possible at all?
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PostPosted: Fri Feb 08, 2013 12:46 am    Post subject: Timeline chart - is what I want possible at all? Reply with quote

Hi, I now have access to the message board with the company login and am creating a thread to see if any further advice can be offered, re: below.

I can provide the dataset and rpt I am working with to give you more of an idea of the required outcome (not sure how to attach files).

Hi Chris,

These process charts can be tricky. They are generally forms of our gantt chart, "tweaked" a bit.
To get started, I found this old process example .rpt (not the one in the image below, which I will find eventually).
Please look at how this one is created and see if that helps get you going.

-Dan @ 3D

On 1/28/2013 11:10 PM, Chris Higgins wrote:

I am after some assistance with the CrChart plugin.

I am trying to construct a graph which will show the state of a piece of equipment (of which there will only be 3 states ) over time.
I have tried utilising the Gantt chart in crystal, but have not been successful. I cannot seem to get the Y axis to group in anyway.

The process control image on your site, seems to be the closest I have found to what is required. Is there a specific macro in use for that example?
Is it possible to have more than one series plotted on the same chart? E.g. lets assume ‘29/6+ Press’, ‘40/12 Press’ are pieces of equipment ,
and the green sections represent an Operating state, can 2 other states be added as per below?

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If achievable what would the dataset need to look like?

Currently I have something like :

Location,Equipment,State,Datetime_On, Datetime_Off
Loc A,Truck99,Operating 1/1/13 06:00:00, 1/1/13 08:30:00
Loc A,Truck99,Down 1/1/13 08:30:01, 1/1/13 09:30:00


My employer has an account, i.e. they have purchased the plugin, but the individual with the login info is not available today, otherwise I would have posted on the message board.

Kind Regards,

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