@FONTNAME (Font Name)

This macro can be used to assign a global font to a text object in a chart. It is useful when you need to dynamically change a font to look better in another language (Japanese, for example).


@FONTNAME nObject szFontName


nObject; 1...11 selects one of the following chart objects:
1 = Title
2 = Subtitle
3 = X1-Axis Title
4 = Y1-Axis Title
5 = Y2-Axis Title
6 = Footnote
7 = Data Text
8 = O1-Axis Labels or X1-Axis Labels depending on the chart type
9 = Y1-Axis Labels
10 = Y2-Axis Labels
11 = Legend Text

szFontName; Font Name String (e.g., Times New Roman). Add a tilde character (~) to this string if you intend to define another macro in the same title field.


@FONTNAME 4 Splash~
@FONTNAME 8 Comic Sans MS~
@FONTNAME 9 Impact~
@FONTNAME 11 Times New Roman



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