@USER_FILL_CIRCLE2_ABOVE (User-Defined Pattern-Filled Circle Above Chart Area)

On 2D charts, this macro fills a portion of the chart frame with a circle that is filled with a specified color, pattern, and optional phrase. The circle is drawn above the plot area. Set fStartX and fStopX to zero to select the lower left corner of the chart frame.


@USER_FILL_CIRCLE2_ABOVE fStartX fStopX fStartY fStopY nRed nGreen nBlue nPattern szPhrase


fStartX; 0.0...1.1 X-Axis start location

fStopX; 0.0...1.1 X-Axis stop location

fStartY; 0.0...1.1 Y-Axis start location

fStopY; 0.0...1.1 Y-Axis stop location

nRed; 0...255 defines the RED portion of the RGB color

nGreen; 0...255 defines the GREEN portion of the RGB color

nBlue; 0...255 defines the BLUE portion of the RGB color

nPattern; -6...6. Positive value show one of the following patterns with a white background. Negative values show one of the following patterns with a transparent background.

szPhrase; Optional phrase. Add a tilde character (~) to this string if you intend to define another macro in the same title field.


@USER_LABEL_FONT 14 255 0 0 255 Splash
@USER_FILL_CIRCLE2_ABOVE 0.0 0.5 0.0 0.5 0 0 255 6 Three D Graphics




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