Getting Started

After you have successfully installed the Charts Unlimited library files, the chart enhancement macros are ready to be used in your chart.

1) Launch Cognos Impromptu Administrator and open any report file (.imr) that contains a chart.

2) Right-click on the chart background and choose Properties to show the Chart Properties dialog

3) Click the Format tab in the Chart Properties dialog.

4) Click the Titles button in the Format tab to show the Chart Titles dialog.

5) Enter macros in any field in this dialog: Title, Subtitle, Footnote, Category Title, etc.

6) Click the OK button in the Chart Titles dialog.

7) Click the OK button in the Chart Properties dialog to close the dialog and apply the macros to the chart.


These macro entries show data text (@DATATEXT 1), rotate the data text (@RDT 2), and append the "($s)" string to the data text (@APPEND_DATATEXT ($s)).

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