@CY2 (Y1-Axis Line with Color, Width, & Style)

This macro adds a user-defined line on the Y1-axis at value fYValue. Use the nRed, nGreen, and nBlue parameters to specify the RGB color of the line. The line is drawn horizontally or vertically depending on the chart orientation. The nWidth & nStyle parameters define the width and style of the line.


@CY2 fYValue nRed nGreen nBlue nWidth nStyle


fYValue; Value at which to add the user-defined line on the Y-axis

nRed; 0...255 specifies the RED portion of the RGB color

nGreen; 0...255 specifies the GREEN portion of the RGB color

nBlue; 0...255 specifies the BLUE portion of the RGB color

nWidth; 0...1000 selects the thickness of the line.

nStyle; 0...15 selects one of the following line styles.


@CY2 4.5 255 0 0 500 4





CRChart supports a maximum of 20 user-defined lines. User-defined lines are drawn with: @CX, @CXY, @CY, @CY2, @X, @XG, @XSZ, @XSZL, @XSZN, @XSZNL, @XY, @XY_DP2, @Y, @YSZ, @YSZL, @YSZN, @YSZN2, & @YSZNL.

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