@IR (Insert Row)

This macro creates a user-defined series of data.


@IR nSeries nElements [fValue1 fValue2 ... fValueN] szSeriesName~


nSeries; Series to insert row. -1 = append to end of data set.

nElements; 1...1024 defines the number of fValues that follow. For example if nElements is 3, it must be followed by 3 fValues that will be assigned to the first 3 groups of the new series.

fValue1 fValue2 ... fValueN; Values to assigned to each nElements.

szSeriesName; Name of the new series what will appear in the legend. Add a tilde (~) character to the series name string if you intend to define another macro in the same title field.


@IR -1 3 111111111.1 2222222222.2 333333333.3 NewRow
@MCOLOR 3 87 251 226



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