@MIN_GROUPS (Add Blank Groups/Control Bar Size)

This macro adds blank groups and NULL data so that a consistent size bar can be represented. So a chart with one bar and a chart with eight bars will draw the same size bar. The nGroups parameter specifies the static number of groups to use to calculate riser width (it is overwritten if there are more groups in data than nGroups).




nGroups; static number of groups to pretend to use in the chart to calculate chart width


This macro will GUARANTEE that the width of a bar in a single series chart will be identical regardless of the number groups. For example, a multi-page report where each page represents the sales of a product in a given state may have between 1 and 9 groups. Some states only carry one product, some carry 3 products, some carry ALL products. Without this macro, some states will have very wide bars:

@MIN_GROUPS 9 insures an eye-pleasing set of charts with consistent bar sizes.




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