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Features and Benefits



Link to data from almost any source: HTML, JDBC/ODBC databases, raw text files, "live" data via a class or method, dynamic data server processes, CGI scripts, and more. Charts update instantly whenever the data changes. Present users with up-to-date graphics that are derived as often as needed from any data source. Uses your custom data directly from whatever form it is in. Make live charts from online servers, from statistics files, from databases, or any other sources.
Charts are always "alive". Developers can use the supplied Editor interface, or easily write their own. Users can change any aspect of the chart, directly from within a web page. Allows users to interact directly with the chart. Users can resize chart elements, or change any element of the chart. For those who would rather look at a pie chart instead of the bar chart, it's a one-click operation to change!
Optimal default settings provided. All charts have user-definable default settings for colors, fonts, scales, grid lines, and every other attribute that can be set. No setup code (other than establishing a data source) is needed. Supply the data, Perspective takes care of the rest! "Settings" are needed only to override the defaults. Saves massive amounts of code, programmer time, and webmaster worries!
Built-in drill-down support. Allows specification of a URL and Target for every single data point. Perspective maintains this information throughout all editing operations. Create feedback charts and data drilldown graphics easily. Display a pie chart with data for an entire company, and users can click on any slice of the pie to "drill down" to get more specific information. Or have one chart create another chart depending on where the user clicks. Or use a chart as a map for a web site! All this, and much more, is possible using Perspective's drill down features.
Complete JavaDoc compliant HTML documentation for all code interfaces. Plus a comprehensive Programmer's Manual with definitions and examples of every function, property, and method. Programmer's documentation is as close as their web browser. No need to hunt down a manual, or flip through pages; Perspective's HTML-based documentation gives programmers an easy-to-use way of learning all the details.
Printed manual contains complete programmer’s reference to all properties and methods. Hard copy at the developer’s fingertips. Many web-based products come with only online documentation. Perspective’s complete printed manual provides a handy, off-line reference for study and quick lookups. When working on a web site, it’s often inconvenient to have to refer to another web site for important references – Perspective’s full printed manual alleviates that need.
Full Property and Method based Application Programmer's Interface (API). Use Perspective either as a true JavaBean (with full Property list support) or as a class library. No new standards to learn. Perspective uses the standard "set" and "get" style programmer’s interface. There are over 350 properties and methods that allow complete control over every aspect of every chart.
Writes out Java source code as its file format. Cut and paste lines from saved files into your own applications. Generate templates quickly and easily; auto-generate chart setup code. Using the Perspective chart editor, charts can be customized in any way desired, and its settings saved out to a file. The file contains every line of Java source code needed to create that chart; just cut and paste it wherever needed. The same code can also be used directly from HTML!

Over 80 different chart types, including dozens of varieties of Bar, Line, and Area (both single and dual Y varieties) and Pie charts, plus Radar, Polar, Histogram, Scatter – and over 10 different varieties of Stock Charts, including HiLoClose with Volume! A chart for every purpose. Perspective provides the breadth of chart types usually found only in extremely high-end, specific applications. Whether the need is for general business charts, financial analysis, scientific, or "other", Perspective has the chart and the templates to properly display all types of data. Perspective’s Pie and Stock charts even include the hard-to-find Ring Pie and Candle/"Japanese" HiLo charts.
Full 3D charts with wire frame rotation, plus preset viewing angles! Bars, Pyramids, even full three dimensional surface charts. Easy manipulation of all 3D charts. Perspective provides 13 different varieties of fully three dimensional charts, including surface charts and floating markers! All 3D charts can be rotated about any axis, either preset or in real time. If the desire is to wow users with fancy, professional looking 3D charts or to provide 3D charts for specific analysis, Perspective covers all the bases.
Gradient, texture, and picture support for all chart areas – including Pictographs! Create fancy charts with custom logos or pictures. Perspective ships with a full set of texture fills and clipart, and any custom bitmap can be specified by the developer. Perspective also has built-in color gradients, just like a professional drawing package. If it can be done in PowerPoint or CorelDraw, it can be done in Perspective!
Works with all development systems that support Java 1.1. Standardized support means Perspective works in almost every development environment. Perspective has been tested with Symantec Visual Café, Metrowerks Code Warrior, Borland JBuilder, IBM VisualAge for Java, Sun Java Workshop, and many others. Perspective’s Java implementation means that any 1.1 compliant JDE will work great.
Generates GIF images from any chart, at any time. Perspective can write a chart GIF at any time to any FTP site, for use in creating non-Java pages, printing, or any other time you need a bitmap of a chart. No need to do screen captures or use other graphics packages to create bitmaps. Bitmaps can be created from a chart directly from the web page. And users can write a GIF file to any writable FTP site in the world, if that option is made available to them.
ToolTips for every chart element. Instant feedback when the mouse hovers over a chart area. Users of office suites will appreciate the familiar yellow box that appears over any chart area when the user dwells for a second or so. Perspective provides built-in default tips for every object, or they can be customized to provide specific instructions for specific own needs. For example, a user can hover over a pie slice and a customized Tip could read "Click here for more information on January sales".
Includes sample code, sample applets, and sample deployments of charts on various web pages. Ready-made examples of all types of charts for Java. Perspective comes with a variety of HTML based chart deployment examples, as well as examples of database query and retrieval, and various examples of "live" charts that update at set intervals or whenever the data behind them changes.
Downloads only the minimum classes needed to draw a particular chart. Create custom archives that include only the portions of the library needed for specific tasks. Perspective's class files are implemented such that only the bare minimum number of files are actually loaded into memory for a particular operation. For example, a Pie chart loads only the classes needed to actually image a Pie chart. Developers can choose from our pre-made library of archives for various purposes or create their own, thus defining a set of files for download that meets a particular need.
Any or all user interface elements can be provided to the end user. Create a user interface that matches a specific need. Perspective comes with a full editing applet, TDGChartEditorApplet, which includes controls for all portions of the chart engine. Developers can "pick and choose" from these "widgets", using just the ones needed for their clients. In addition, each widget has its own set of properties for enabling or disabling any sub-feature. In this manner, developers can create a custom chart user interface using our set of fully customizable components.

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