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Perspective For Java Product Information

Perspective For Java

100% Pure Java!Perspective for JavaTM(PFJ) is our 100% Pure Java charting library. PFJ can be used either as a Java client, a Java application, a Java servlet for creating GIF charts directly on the server, or for any other Java progamming need where charts are required. PFJ is configured as a Java Bean.

Animated Chart Editor


The Perspective Chart Editor

The Perspective Chart Editor is our Java Application (it's also available in Applet form) for editing and saving charts. It has a complete user interface, written entirely in Java. You use the TDGLoadSave application for loading, changing, and saving chart templates for use in your web pages or Java applets. Or you can run TDGChartEditorApplet directly within your Intranet-based web page to give users complete editing control over the chart.

TDGLoadSave saves out all the chart settings as Java source code, which you can

  • Load directly into a chart using the load() method
  • Cut and Paste into your Java code
  • Use as HTML parameters with the TDGSCRIPT parameter

With the Chart Editor, there's no more tedious manual settings of hundreds of chart properties. Just set up your chart in the Editor, select Save, and use the resulting code however you like!

Perspective for Java is a 100% Pure Java Class Library, JavaBean, and Applet for creating dynamic charts from data in any Java environment. Perspective for Java provides 86 distinct chart types (from simple bars and pies to radar, polar, and complex 3D charts), 13 chart editing tools (we call them "The Widgets"), and over 350 properties and methods.
This is an entirely new Java code base from Three D Graphics, the company that has provided charting technology to the leading members of the software industry for over a decade. The "Perspective Look" is in use in over 5 million seats worldwide, and now you can bring this same power to your own Java development environment!
Perspective for Java has a full set of properties, methods, and user interface tools for Java developers who want to create data-driven graphics, and works in any Java-compatible development environment, browser, or operating system.

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