@XY (X/Y Coordinates Line)

This macro adds a user-defined line that starts at location nx1, ny1 and stops at location nx2, ny2. For charts with a true X-Axis (e.g., Scatter, Bubble, Polar, etc.), nx1 and nx2 define the value on the X-Axis where the line will be drawn. For bar, line, or area charts, nx1 and nx2 must be set to a value in the range 0.0 to 1.0 that defines a percentage of the X (or ordinal)-Axis length.


@XY nx1 ny1 nx2 ny2


nx1; Beginning X-coordinate

ny1; Beginning Y-coordinate

nx2; Ending X-coordinate

ny2; Ending Y-coordinate


@XY 0 0 1400000000 1200000000




Charts Unlimited supports a maximum of 20 user-defined lines. User-defined lines are drawn with: @CX, @CXY, @CY, @X, @XG, @XSZ, @XSZL, @XSZN, @XSZNL, @XY, @XY_DP2, @Y, @YSZ, @YSZL, @YSZN, & @YSZNL.

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