@YSZL (Y1-Axis Line with Label on Left)

This macro adds a user-defined line on the Y1-axis at value fValue with the label sZLabel. For vertical orientation, the line is drawn horizontally with the label on the left side of the chart. For horizontal orientation, the line is drawn vertically with the label and value on the top side of the chart.


@YSZL fValue nXFixup nYFixup sZLabel


fValue; Value at which to add the user-defined line on the Y1-axis

nXFixup, nYFixup; -16000...16000 adjusts label placement closer to or further away from the line.

sZLabel; Label string to show next to line. Add a tilde (~) character to the end of the string if you intend to define other macros in the same title field.


@YSZL 3250000000 0 0 Three D Graphics




Charts Unlimited supports a maximum of 20 user-defined lines. User-defined lines are drawn with: @CX, @CXY, @CY, @X, @XG, @XSZ, @XSZL, @XSZN, @XSZNL, @XY, @XY_DP2, @Y, @YSZ, @YSZL, @YSZN, & @YSZNL.



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